Growler Policy Change

September 7, 2016


In our efforts to provide the best quality growler fills, our policy has been to only fill growlers that we wash and sanitize. We have spent a good amount of effort educating our customers on this type of packaging with its pros and cons. While this effort has worked out for most customers, it also meant that we could only fill our own growlers. With so many breweries opening up, we have decided that we would change our practices to the industry standard to avoid confusion and frustration.

Our new growler policy will be to sell growlers to anyone that does not currently have one. We will fill any growler as long as the growler is clean, our caps fit, and the volume is clearly marked on the growler for either 32oz or 64oz. As a convenience to our customers we will continue to buy back growlers until the end of the year, at which time we will no longer be taking growlers back.

After finishing your growler, it is highly recommended that you rinse the growler well with just hot water and leave it to air dry. Do not reuse the growler cap. This will ensure that the growler is in good condition when you bring it in to us to have it filled.

Thank you for supporting us through the years. We hope that this change helps to diminish your extensive growler collection.