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Nothing brings people together quite like a good beer. Whether you’re in a pub, watching the game, or just sharing a brew with your neighbour, beer is one of the quintessential ingredients to great company. Made in London, Ontario, Forked River Brewing Company is dedicated to delivering consistent, flavourful brews made with care in the traditional craftsman manner with all natural, quality ingredients.

Three local, award-winning homebrewers, all University of Western graduates, have teamed up to bring the Forest City the beer it deserves. We believe that our beer has the power to bridge people from all walks of life. Your enjoyment is our success, so raise your glass and here's to all of us!

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The Beers Now Available

Capital Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale (4.7% Alc./Vol.)

Canadian Brewing Award 2014 - GOLD
North American Style Blonde/Gold Ale

In 1793 Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe selected London, Ontario as the site of the future capital of Upper Canada, though Governor Dorchester later rejected this. This beer pays homage to our capital denied, with a defiantly bolder version of the traditional blonde ale. The use of a unique hop combination added late in the boiling process is responsible for the beer’s citrusy flavour and aroma. This beer finishes out nice and dry, great for any occasion, at any time of year.

FOOD PAIRINGS: The acidity of tomato-based Italian dishes and spicy Mexican food is well-balanced by the gentle maltiness of this beer. However, it also goes well with standard pub fare: roasted meats, fries, and nachos!

Riptide Pale Ale

Pale Ale (5.7% Alc./Vol.)



A beer in the style of a pale ale with a twist of rye, Riptide is made for the beer drinker that likes big flavour. The bold hop flavours blend well with the addition of the rye, which lends a creamy mouthfeel and a slightly spicy finish to this hop-forward, yet well-balanced beer. Like the Capital Blonde Ale, this brew benefits from the careful addition of “late hops” at the end of the boil.


FOOD PAIRINGS: This is a great beer to enjoy with rich or sharp flavours. Think bold cheeses, rich barbecued meats, and curries.

Red Coat

Red IPA  (6.2% Alc./Vol.)

The newest addition to the Forked River lineup is a bold red IPA. Hopped exclusively with North American varietals, this amped up pale ale delivers their citrusy goodness alongside significant caramel flavours and a little residual malt sweetness, helping to balance the elevated bitterness. Clocking somewhere between a pale ale and an IPA, Red Coat is a full-flavoured, 6.2% ABV, 45 IBU, dry-hopped red ale. 

  • Brewery: Growlers and by the glass!
  • LCBO: NO 
  • Beer Store: NO

FOOD PAIRINGS: We brewed this beer specifically for BBQ weather - it fits perfectly beside a juicy burger or strip loin steak, cutting right through that richness without stripping away any flavour from that amazing grilled goodness.


Belgian Tripel (9.2% Alc./Vol.)

Bronze medal United States Open Beer Championship 2014

This light, refreshing beer belies its high alcohol content. A blonde ale with a slight sweetness that works well with the Belgian character of the beer. The fruity grape flavours and slight spice come out as it warms.

  • Brewery: Bottles!
  • LCBO: No
  • Beer Store: No
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Rich, flavourful foods including shellfish, spicey thai dishes, or strong herbal dishes using basil pesto for example. Also goes well with stone fruit desserts.

Full City Coffee Porter

Coffee Porter (5.5% Alc./Vol.)

Made with locally roasted beans from Patrick's Beans, our coffee porter has light chocolate notes under the fresh-roasted coffee flavour.

  • Brewery: Cans! 
  • LCBO: No
  • Beer Store: No
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Light in body and coming in at 5.5%, we recommend you try it with traditional coffee break snacks- spice cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies... While not very sweet on it's own, it will provide a great compliment to those tasty treats.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (10% Alc./Vol.)



The king of stouts, aged for almost six months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, this velvety, rich, and roasty brew is ideal for the cold nights ahead. Clocking in at 10% ABV, Weendigo is warming, but not harsh - the whisky and oak flavours compliment the luscious roasted malt character, providing incredible complexity. This beer is ready for a prime spot in your cellar for aging.


FOOD PAIRINGS: Perfect winter warmer- sip from your tulip glass by the fireside or alongside decadent desserts.  

Hansel and Brett'el

Farmhouse Blonde Ale Aged in Chardonnay Wine Barrels (4.9% Alc./Vol.)

Funky and fresh, this farmhouse blonde ale has been perfecting itself in VQA chardonnay barrels for almost 6 months.  Light in body, but deep in flavour, this beer is worth venturing into the deep dark woods for!

  • Brewery: Bottles!
  • LCBO: No
  • Beer Store: No
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Keep it light, but have some richness in the food. Cobb salad, seafood, perhaps even some light curried dishes.



English Stout (5.3% Alc./Vol.)

An English-style stout with a fuller and creamier body than other commercial dry stouts. The dark grains combine with a light malt sweetness to give the impression of chocolate or coffee, though all of these flavours come from the barley itself. Jet black with a persistant tan head, this 5.3% ABV beer gives you all the flavour you expect from a proper stout, with a gentle sweetness to balance the assertive roast.

  • Brewery: Cans!
  • LCBO: NO
  • Beer Store: NO

FOOD PAIRINGS: Pair with a rich meal or chocolate dessert.


Accidental Tourist

Belgian Blonde (4.8% Alc./Vol.)

The Accidental Tourist has made a return trip from Belgium for a short stopover in London! You might remember this light Belgian blonde ale from last year. It comes in at just under 5% ABV and is a great beer for the upcoming warm weather.

  • Brewery: Cans, growler and by the glass!
  • LCBO: NO
  • Beer Store: NO
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Something light to let the delicate flavours shine. Fish is a good choice.


The Deuce

Belgian Dubbel (6.5% Alc./Vol.)

Our Belgian dubbel, the Deuce, is a 6.5% Trappist-style ale made with our house-made candi syrup. Dark in colour, with a light fruitiness and raisin-like flavours from the candi syrup, this is the next step up from Golden Boy in strength and colour.

  • Brewery: Cans, growlers and by the glass!
  • LCBO: NO
  • Beer Store: NO
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Goes well with sharp cheeses, a steak dinner or even chocolate dessert.

Grumpy Peasant

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Rye Saison (5.9% Alc./Vol.)

This isn't your average sour beer! We start with a rye saison that blends the flavours of clove with the spiciness of the rye. Then we put it to bed in a red wine barrel and let our special sour blend work its magic for several months. The result is a wonderfully tart and spicy package that will titillate the senses!

  • Brewery: Bottles!
  • LCBO: No
  • Beer Store: No
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Fantastic with sharp cheeses or on its own.

Flanders Red

Flanders Red Ale (7.3% Alc./Vol.)

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold will be donated to a veteran's charity.

Our version of the "Burgundy of Belgium" has been aged in red wine barrels, is a blend of one and two year barrels, and has all those classic flavours - black cherry, plums and red currants in a deep sourness that may surprise you. 

For us Canadians, the regions of Vimy and Flanders evoke some of the most patriotic of emotions. This beer is for those of us who have family who left to serve our country and never made it back home, or did but need our help, and for those who want a truly unique and rare beer style that simply must be appreciated.


FOOD PAIRINGS: Blue cheese!

Abbey Normal

Barrel Aged Sour Belgian Amber (5.5% Alc./Vol.)

​​Brewed in collaboration with Sawdust City Brewing, Abbey Normal is a mixed fermentation, sour Belgian amber that has been aged in barrels for 14 months! 


  • Brewery: Bottles and by the glass!
  • LCBO: No
  • Beer Store: No
  • Buy online

FOOD PAIRINGS: With young Frankenstein himself! Since this may not be possible, we recommend an aged cheddar or a lightly smoked gouda! 

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Berliner Weisse (3.0% Alc./Vol.)

Dry, tart, citrusily refreshing, this bright yet funky beer is waiting for you to pair it with your meal.  The acidity is noticeable but not overpowering and will help to cleanse while you enjoy your food.

  • Brewery: Cans and by the glass!
  • Beer Store: NO
  • Buy Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Try this fella with bacon mac and cheese, garlic-grilled shrimp, heck- have it for brunch with Eggs Benedict and homefries! Blend it with some OJ for a beery mimosa! At 3% ABV this will keep you on the rails for the rest of your day

Snow Blind

New England Style IPA (6.3% Alc./Vol.)

Oops! This winter weather might *just* be our fault.  We went and brewed up a delicious New England IPA with the foreboding name "SnowBlind".  Super hazy and super hoppy, it's like a citrusy blizzard.... a tropical snowmageddon, perhaps?  Forget about the white in the air and on the ground- get SnowBlind. 

  • Brewery: Cans and by the glass
  • LCBO: NO
  • Beer Store: NO
  • Available Online

FOOD PAIRINGS: Hawaiian pizza...cause who doesn't love pineapple on pizza!

The Beers Archives

Can’t find your favourite? We are always brewing something new, but we will continue to serve up old seasonal favourites. Browse the list of all the brews, and keep checking back for your brew!

Two biologists and an engineer
walk into a bar...

No joke. We’re here and selling beer at bars around London. How did we all come together? This is our story.

Each of the founders, Dave Reed, Andrew Peters, and Steve Nazarian, had discovered craft beer independently but all found their way into homebrewing eventually. After years of working in manufacturing environments, including a number of years spent in beverage industry R&D, Dave dreamt of the day he would open his own brewery. A mechanical engineer by trade, Dave began to build the pinnacle of homebrew systems and cranking out delicious and champion beer. Not far away, Andrew and Steve were working together as scientists in the biotechnology sector. Andrew started into homebrewing, eventually drawing Steve into the hobby as well, and both used their microbiological know-how to hone their brewing processes. The three brewers connected through a regional homebrewing club, started cooperating together, and all became award-winning homebrewers in their own right.

All fathers of young families here in London, Dave, Andrew, and Steve were committed to raising their families here, but as companies began to close or move employment out of the area, the three brewers began to re-evaluate their situations. How could they maintain their lives in London, while career opportunities began to constrict around them? The answer was simple: create their own opportunities and keep their skills and families here in the city that they call home.

The seed had been planted and the brewery began to grow as Dave, Andrew, and Steve slowly pieced together the parts they would need- quite literally! In the fall of 2012, things finally began to take physical shape as equipment began to trickle in, components were ordered and assembled, branding and designs were drawn together, and their location was secured. In the process, they strove to work with local companies wherever possible, knowing local business relationships are symbiotic. What they found was that their enthusiasm and passion were met and returned to them with equal excitement from those local businesses and positive new relationships were forged.

Meet the Brewers

The three founders are not simply looking to make great beer - their popular homebrew is a testament to their ability to make that for themselves. What Dave, Andrew, and Steve wanted to do most was to make great beer professionally. They felt that not only did their fellow Londoners deserve truly outstanding handcrafted beer, but they also deserved their own microbrewery.

And so was born the Forked River Brewing Company.

Andrew Peters, M.SC.

Andrew Peters didn't always love beer. Sure, he liked it, but the passion came later in life. A self-confessed "deal addict", Andrew saw a sale on the Mr. Beer homebrewing kit and thought it might be fun to try out. The deal fell through, but his interest had been piqued. As a scientist, Andrew spent his days taking care of living cells and performing cutting edge research.

Andrew's passion for exploring the world of beer, its styles, and brewing techniques had been ignited andafter connecting with fellow homebrewers through online clubs (Members of Barleyment based in Ottawa and Southern Ontario Brewers out of Toronto), things began to accelerate. Andrew got pulled along into larger batches, working with more refined equipment, participating in large bulk buys of supplies, and he began to talk even more about the hobby. Pursuing his passion led him to enter a national homebrew competition, winning a gold medal with his first ever entry.

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David Reed, B.E.Sc., P. Eng.

David’s first real introduction to the amazing world of beer came soon after his graduation from The University of Western Ontario in 1998 while working internationally in the automotive field. It was 2004 when David started brewing his own beer with the help of a fellow London homebrewer. His desire to start and operate his own brewery began then, and has grown ever since.

While Dave planned, he had the opportunity to manage the development of several products in the beverage industry, working alongside the likes of Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch InBev. His successes resulted in several patents, both issued and pending. Not only does he have an enviable small-scale commercial grade brewing system at home, but he’s managed to produce award winning beers. From malty blonde ales to crisp wheat beers to big barleywines, Dave’s proficiency at the helm won him 3 gold medals in 2012.

Dave now has a new focus and is committed to serving London, one great pint at a time!

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Steven Nazarian, Ph.D.

It was 2004 before Steven Nazarian found a world of beer that didn't include mass-produced, light lager. While attending an academic conference in the U.K. he found himself exploring the pub culture, with their wide assortment of beers, including cask ales. There, the seed was planted and, eventually, Steve got into homebrewing with encouragement from our very own Andrew Peters.

Within months of brewing his first small batch of American amber ale on his stovetop, Steven was brewing 10 gallon batches into kegs and was serving to friends and family out of a dedicated, converted chest freezer.

Dr. Nazarian is our resident perfectionist. This trait, together with his education in microbiology and biochemistry and his experience in the biotechnology sector, allows him to bring an analytical eye to everything we do. Most recently, his Belgian dark strong ale was selected for the final round National Homebrew Competition held in the U.S., where it scored highly. You’d better believe we'll be making that one at Forked River!

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